About Me


Hello~ I’m Karissa!

I design, build, and grow unique websites for local businesses that put their best foot forward online.

I use skills I’ve cultivated from learning on my own, studying at UT Austin, and shadowing established developers to create digital solutions.

Digital Marketing
Woo Commerce
Content Creation

I met Karissa during the McCombs digital marketing certification. She became known for her initiative and charisma during the course, which helped her achieve excellent results and inspired us all.

Karissa has exhibited the qualities of an effective team player, and I believe she will be a valuable asset to any team.

Gina Bonatti

KEA Digital Services started from the desire to connect and build community with local businesses in the Austin area.

To create beautiful, useful, and easy to manage websites that delight business owners and their customers.

To cultivate a "small town feel" in Austin, preserving the weird and promoting the unique.

To provide quality work that you love and works for you.